Thank you, Catherine

Our 2010 summer intern

Catherine, very happy with her time with Adventures in Preservation

Summer is a busy time, for not only is it key “workshop season” we are also busy planning for future workshops. This year we’ve have the good fortune to have Catherine Poudin, our valiant intern, helping us out.

Catherine, who is from France and currently living and teaching in New Orleans, drove to the AiP office in Boulder, Colorado for her first Rocky Mountain experience. She managed to see a great deal of Colorado, while working hard for AiP. Between visits to Estes Park, Idaho Springs hot springs, and a concert by the Gipsy Kings at Red Rocks, Catherine also searched for grants to help support our great projects around the world.

By the time she left this week, Catherine had created a map of workshop sites for our website, written grant inquiry letters, started developing our Board of Directors notebook, and more. She also brainstormed with us as we came up with the name for our new blog, Preservation Journey.

A HUGE thank you to Catherine for giving us six weeks of her summer vacation.


About Adventures in Preservation

Huge fans of the world's architectural heritage, making it a point to seek out historic buildings wherever we travel. Bloggers include co-founder of Adventures in Preservation, a non-profit organizing historic preservation-based volunteer vacations, and AiP interns.
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2 Responses to Thank you, Catherine

  1. Laura Macaluso says:

    Yeah, Catherine! It is funny to read about Catherine’s excellent six weeks in CO, interning for AiP, just after I read an account in the Chronicle of Higher Ed from a newly minted graduate who couldn’t find a job. He looked for work for 8 months across the US and finally decided to email a contact he had made two years back while studying abroad in India. A local newspaper welcomed him with open arms — he copy edits, takes photographs and re-writes articles for the newspaper, and in exchange receives room and board. It is so great to see and read about people like Catherine; more and more youth should be — will be doing this kind of work exchange, because what you get from the experiences are valuable, and are the only way to become a real part of the global world. Hard to understand even a little of the world without seeing first hand.

  2. In Catherine’s case, she was a able to draw upon her own practical experience and degree in historic preservation and really contribute to our organization. However, you do have a point that people looking to work in a new field can gain greatly by interning.I certainly got my start that way, with internships at the National Building Museum and the Lynn Historic Society, and volunteering with the National Park Service!

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