Elmo and Historic Architecture

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I’ve only recently discovered that Elmo, the fuzzy red Sesame Street muppet, is a huge promoter of knowledge, causes and good habits. My younger sister grew up in the era of Bert and Ernie, Big Bird and Cookie Monster, and my daughter doesn’t watch television, so I had only a passing familiarity with Elmo, i.e. I knew he had a voice that annoyed adults.

However he came to my attention last month in a post on Lenore Skenazy’s Free Range Kids blog when she mentioned Jason Mraz singing “Let’s Go Outdoors” set to “I’m Yours”. It’s a great song and the message is one I endorse wholeheartedly

Last week Elmo was front and center again on the same blog (and many other places!) for his song about opposites. Actually, the furor was all about Katie Perry’s outfit, not the concept of opposites.

I now had two Elmo songs now running through my head, for once you hear an Elmo version it’s the only one that comes to mind. But it occurred to me, if Elmo can promote getting back to nature, why can’t he promote historic preservation? Certainly Sesame Street is no stranger to history or the values that historic preservation promotes. The show has been responsible for many historic firsts in children’s television programming, and those brownstone stoops are utterly charming. The concept of neighborhoods and streetscapes is well ingrained in the show.

All we need is to find the right song – one that can be modified to be a rallying cry for preservation – and I’ll pitch it to the folks at Sesame Street. Who knows, maybe it could even be filmed it at one of Adventures in Preservation‘s volunteer project sites! If you can think of a song that might work, let me know.

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Huge fans of the world's architectural heritage, making it a point to seek out historic buildings wherever we travel. Bloggers include co-founder of Adventures in Preservation, a non-profit organizing historic preservation-based volunteer vacations, and AiP interns.
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5 Responses to Elmo and Historic Architecture

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  2. jonaskayla says:

    Great idea!

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