Volunteers Master Plaster in Gloucester

Gloucester, Virginia, is the home of the Edge Hill Service Station, which faithfully served customers at the corner of U.S. Route 17 (Main Street) and Route 14  for more than fifty years. The Fairfield Foundation purchased it in 2010 and, with strong support from community members and Adventures in Preservation volunteers, is making great progress towards its full restoration and eventual reuse as a preservation resource center for Virginia’s Middle Peninsula.

The Plastering at the Pumps project began with a FedEx delivery of $1600 worth of plastering materials donated by Master of Plaster Finishing Systems. Beginning the following Monday, Gus Rhodes led the happy crew in working with the liquid plaster and quickly pronounced it “fabulous”.

volunteers experimenting with stilts

Checking out the view from on high. Photo courtesy The Fairfield Foundation.

The group had fun trying out stilts and other plastering tools. The report from Dave Brown, co-founder of the Fairfield Foundation, really sums up the experience:

We had a fantastic time and made great progress on four different rooms in the station.  Even better, it was the catalyst for other points of progress – from the repair of some of the iron window and garage door tracks, to the continued work on the exterior light fixtures, and many, many tours during the week and on the weekend.

This was a huge success and we can’t wait for next year at Fairfield!

See more photos of the work on the Fairfield Foundation’s Facebook page.

Sound like fun? Learn more about volunteer preservation projects with Adventures in Preservation.

Materials delivered and ready for application when volunteers arrived the next week – thanks to our friends at Master of Plaster. Photo courtesy The Fairfield Foundation.


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