Halloween: a Preservationist’s Favorite Holiday


Photo credit: Susie Trexler

It may still feel like summer, but the leaves are starting to turn and Halloween costumes and candy are starting to show up in the seasonal aisle of grocery stores. A preservationist can’t help but be excited. Why? Let’s face it: if there ever was a holiday for preservationists, it’s Halloween. The kids down the street are dressing up as people and characters from other cultures and eras… princesses of Europe and pirates of the 1700s Caribbean continue to be popular choices. Sure, maybe they chose a Disney interpretation, but on that night, everyone has their mind on another time or land. We are all getting excited about cultures and, well, history. And in a way, just by thinking about it, we’re preserving it.

What about that haunted house on the edge of town? Halloween is spooky because we have a heightened awareness of all the people who came before us. It’s mostly haunted by your imagination of those who preceded you down those halls. Imagining people in dwellings is what gets us preservationists excited. So this Halloween, indulge your imagination and enjoy the display of history!

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Happy October.


About Susie

Susie Trexler: architectural historian by trade and an architecture admirer by passion. I am a new resident of Chicago, via Seattle, and I love travel, photography, and architecture. I hope you will follow along as explore new places and get to know the Windy City!
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