Buildings Beautiful Enough to Eat

This piece in our December newsletter was so popular we decided to post it here.  Enjoy!

St. Basil's Cathedral, MoscowThe wedding cake house, gingerbread trim, and the witch’s house in the story of Hansel and Gretel all sound good enough to eat, but only the witch’s house was actually edible, and even that was a fairy tale. There are, however, plenty of edible buildings around, if you know where to look.

For the holiday season, we’ve assembled a Pinterest board of architectural gems in gingerbread. It is a fun way to mark the holidays and celebrate the architectural heritage we love so much.

Check out Adventures in Preservation’s other boards to see more historic architecture.


About Adventures in Preservation

Huge fans of the world's architectural heritage, making it a point to seek out historic buildings wherever we travel. Bloggers include co-founder of Adventures in Preservation, a non-profit organizing historic preservation-based volunteer vacations, and AiP interns.
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