1925 Miami Home to be Razed | Anne Clare Renfrow Design

I just loved the way Anne Clare Renfrow phrases her argument for historic preservation in her post about the pending loss of a historic home in Miami:

Preserving a city’s built work is not a First World problem, it is a World problem. Preservation is not merely saving old buildings, it is the study and conservation of man’s accumulated architectural knowledge. Unlike written records, historic buildings are man’s tangible, living history. Ancient building sites are the archaeologist’s bridge to man’s early days. From The Treasury at Petra, Jordan, to a 1920s Miami home, buildings are mankind’s greatest connection to cultural heritage and human history. Every day, new buildings spring from the ground like mushrooms, but lost ones cannot be recovered.

Be sure to read her full post. If you’ve been searching for the words to make a case for preservation in your community, you may find yourself quoting her too.


About Adventures in Preservation

Huge fans of the world's architectural heritage, making it a point to seek out historic buildings wherever we travel. Bloggers include co-founder of Adventures in Preservation, a non-profit organizing historic preservation-based volunteer vacations, and AiP interns.
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