Thank a Preservationist

In this month known for giving thanks, we at Adventures in Preservation want to express our heartfelt thanks to those people with the vision and foresight to step in, step up and speak out for heritage. Thank you preservationists!

Mount VernonPreservation has served again and again as a voice for reason and caution to counter the relentless forces of progress. Progress is good, but not if it is continually at the expense of the past, the environment, and communities and the people who live in them.

Preservation has, again and again, proved its worth. Restoration and renovation generate more jobs than new construction. Preservation maintains cultural continuity and strengthens the sense of community. Preservation provides the basis for millions of tourism dollars around the world. Preservation is green, keeping materials out of the waste stream and reducing the demand for new materials.

So if you see a historic building as you go about your holiday activities, give a nod of thanks for the people or person who decided to preserve it for us and for generations to come.

AiP_FB_Thanks1AiP has created a series of Thank a Preservationist images that highlight some well-known structures that would not be here for people to enjoy today had it not been for preservationists fighting the good fight. Fortunately, preservation isn’t always a battle, but were it not for the battles bringing the spotlight to preservation, much more would have been lost.

We’ll be posting these to our Facebook page, one each day. Post your own favorites, and say “thanks” for us!


About Adventures in Preservation

Huge fans of the world's architectural heritage, making it a point to seek out historic buildings wherever we travel. Bloggers include co-founder of Adventures in Preservation, a non-profit organizing historic preservation-based volunteer vacations, and AiP interns.
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