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In Energized Detroit, Savoring an Architectural Legacy 

I have seen this article so many times in the past few days that I figured it’s worth a share here. It’s a glorious profile of Detroit’s architectural legacy and a wonderful story of a journey worth taking. I can’t … Continue reading

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The Rhythms of Life: Drenoc

Originally posted on The Runaway Bunny:
As I write this I’m sitting in the communal living room of an 18th century kulla, a traditional Ottoman-Albanian tower-house, in the small historical village of Drenoc in the west of Kosovo. The “guest…

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The Windows of Oberammergau, Germany

One of those posts filled with photos that I just had to share….

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Historic Preservation in Medora, North Dakota

Originally posted on The Edge of the Village:
This morning I read a story in the Fargo Forum on how numerous business owners in the historic heritage tourism town of Medora, southwestern North Dakota, said no, they will not be razing a…

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Go for the Fjords, Stay for the Churches!

EuroTravelogue™: ArtSmart Roundtable: Norway’s Historic Stave Churches. I keep seeing photos of these wonderful buildings and thinking I would love to see them in person. It may be a while before I get there, but Jeff Titelius recently traveled in … Continue reading

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Ottoman Architecture Deja Vu

On a recent visit to Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace I experienced the most extraordinary case of architectural deja vu. Entering the final section of the Imperial Harem, the Courtyard of the Favorites, I immediately recognized the building, or thought I did. … Continue reading

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Preserving Costa Rica’s Heritage

Historical? It certainly didn’t meet the 50-year age “standard”. Site integrity? Not sure disassembling a building leaves much integrity, Continue reading

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